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Unitized Air & Fluid Fittings, Manifolds & Orifices



MEM-CO has been the premier designer and manufacturer of high quality miniature barbed air fittings, orifice fittings and manifolds, since 1963.  Mem-co offers over 750 configurations of standard and hard-to-find fittings in stock. Avialable in brass, brass-nickel plated or stainless steel. 

Mem-co has thousands of fittings for plastic tubing in sizes and configurations you can't find anywhere else.

If Mem-co does not have the fitting you need they will do whatever is possible to make a special fitting for your unique requirement.


Product Offering

Mem-Co Unitized Fitting AssembliesUnitized Fitting Assemblies

Combination Tees

3 barbed branches - male or female pipe thread - mixed sizes of barbed branches

L Tees

combine elbow with a tee - mixed sizes of barbed branches available

Y Fittings

alternative to standard tees

1/8 NPT Male Manifolds

hundreds of combinations - minimum labor to install

Swivel Tees and Elbows

available in branch sizes up to and including #3 for 1/16" ID thru 1/8" ID tubing -  can be rotated 360° in either direction

In-line Manifolds

combination of barbed branches - neatly orients tubing in-line


Mem-Co Barb Size ChartFitting Types

tube-to-tube barb fittings
10-32 male or female thread-to-tube
1/4-28 male straight thread-to-tube
1/16 male pipe thread-to-tube
1/8 male or female pipe thread-to-tube
1/4 male or female pipe thread-to-tube
3/8 male pipe thread-to-tube
bulkhead fittings
caps and plugs
reducing bushings
small metric fittings (M3 x 0.5 series, M5 x 0.8 series and M6 x 1 series)

Fittings available in

Brass - Electroless Nickel Plated - Stainless Steel - Aluminum - Plastic


Mem-Co AssembliesProduct Features

Mem-co saves space and labor for you by combining multiple fittings into a single Unitized Assembly.

Mem-co silver solders joints on all fabricated fittings.


Technical Specifications

PDF Mem-co Products Catalog 

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