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AIRPRO NFPA interchangeable cylinders are made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant aluminum that makes them a reliable, lightweight, flexible and economically priced choice for your cylinder needs.

Airpro is committed to satisfying industries demand for reliable quality products with dependable delivery and reliable service.


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Product Features

Airpro 250 Pneumatic CylindersAIRPRO 250 PNEUMATIC CYLINDERS / NFPA Interchangeable

Bore sizes from 1.5" up to 6"
15 NFPA mounting styles
Magnetic piston
Proximity switch capability
Adjustable cushions standard on both ends
Externally removable rod bushing
Polyacetal wear rings for long life
No lubrication required
High strength piston rod, hard chrome plated to resist scoring and corrosion
Non-rotating rods available / Hexagonal rods eliminate the need for whirl-stop guides. An entire series of non-rotating rod cylinders enable construction of more functional systems.

Over fifty years of cylinder manufacturing experience has been built into this lightweight, but durable design.


Airpro U100S-1 Hydraulic Cylinders AIRPRO U100S-1 Series HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS>

Lightweight, compact hydraulic cylinders with bodies constructed of a special aluminum alloy.

Bore sizes from 1.25" up to 3.25"
Aluminum bodies
Operating at up to 1500 PSI pressure (10MPa)
Magnetic proximity switch (Reed type, Hall Effect type) is available as standard
Interchangeable with U160S-1 series which has a steel body



Airpro U160S-1 Hydraulic Cylinders


Lightweight, compact and durable hydraulic cylinders with bodies constructed of steel

Bore sizes from .75" up to 3.25"
Steel bodies
Operating at up to 2300 PSI pressure (16MPa)
Smaller size / No mounting accessories needed, so mounting space is smaller than the conventional cylinder
Improved wear resistance / Rod gland is constructed of a special copper alloy
Interchangeable with U100S-1 series which has an aluminum body


Technical Specifications

PDF Airpro 250 Pneumatic Cylinder
PDF Airpro U100S-1 Hydraulic Cylinder
PDF Airpro U160S-1 Hydraulic Cylinder

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