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Metal Work Pneumatics

Skillair Padlockable Regulators

These padlockable regulators have a pin with a hole in it that projects from the top of the knob. When the knob is in the push-lock position, the padlock can be inserted in the hole, preventing the knob from being operated.

- Increased stroke, increased valve opening and hence higher flow rate
- Decreased dynamic and inrush friction; prompter, more sensitive operation
- Reduced working stress and hence longer life allowing the use of thinner diaphragms, which increases regulator sensitivity and prompt action
- Increased accuracy in maintaining the set pressure with both variable flow rates and different feed pressures
- Downstream overpressures relieved quickly

PDF Skillair® Padlockable Regulators




Metal Work Pneumatics ****NEW PRODUCT ****

Syntesi Air Treatment Unit

For the best performance possible in a limited space with reduced weight offering higher flow capacity than units of comparable size

- Rolling Diaphragm
- Modular unit construction
- Previously optional functions that are now standard include: padlockable regulators; regulators with compensation systems that are accurate even when upstream pressure changes; rapid downstream pressure relief; full indelible marking; automatic condensate drain; 360 deg visual inspection of oil and condensate levels

PDF Syntesi Air Treatment Catalog - NEW PRODUCT!


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(MGB) Multifunctional Gate Box


Euchner Multifunctional Gate BoxUnique interlocking or guard locking system

- RFID transponder technology
- Integrated lockout mechanism
- Optional escape release with door handle
- Optional buttons and indicators can be integrated directly into the housing
- Actuating direction easy to change without dissasembly

PDF Multifunctional Gate Box


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Werma Signal Technology

Werma CleanSIGN Stack Light

Werma CleanSign Stack Light

CleanSIGN gives you all of the LED benefits plus sound and lighting effects for maximum signalling efficiency.

- End user defines color choices and light effects
- c UL us approvals for food processing, wash-down areas, including IP67 and IP69k rated areas
- Conforms to the upcoming food processing equipment manufacturers' requirements
- Resistant to cleaning agents
- LED benefits: long lamp life, lower current consumption, virtually no maintenance, great for areas susceptible to vibrations, cooler operating temperatures, etc.

PDF CleanSIGN Stack Light


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Products in Stainless Steel

Fabco Stainless Steel CylindersStainless Steel Cylinders are ideal for withstanding harsh environments and wash down applications that would ruin normal cylinders.
Fabco-Air's Original Pancake is a compact cylinder with solid body construction, providing nearly a seamless cylinder. Fabricated of durable and corrosion resistent Stainless Steel, this cylinder is perfect for use in dairy and filling industries.

Fabco-Air also offers their NFPA Tie Rod Cylinders and their "F" Series (throw-away style) Cylinders in Stainless Steel. These cylinders in stainless allow the use of pneumatics in processes such as packing, filling and food processing where wash downs would destroy typical aluminum heads.

PDF F Series Stainless Steel Body Cylinders


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Definite Purpose Contactors)
(Din Rail Attachable)

Definite Purpose Contactors


- 1,2, or 3 Pole
- 100 Amp MAX
- Locked Rotor, HP Single Phase, Full Load, and Resistive available

PDF Definite Purpose Contactors

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DC Micro Cables - R Series


DC Micro R Series Cables- M8 and M12 Connectors
- Molded Connector with PVC Jacket
- Straight and elbow models
- 4 Pin, gold Plated Brass
- Standard 5 meter length (15')
- Voltage 250 VAC/ 300 VDC
- CSA & CUL approved, IP 68

PDF R Series DC Micro Cables

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